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Here’s Help for Your Tired-Looking Eyes

istock 480404770 Lux Skin & Lasers has been established to provide outstanding rejuvenating services to patients of Dr. Lee who prefer a non-surgical approach to beauty. We meet with patients every day who want to correct certain signs of aging. As a result of the massive societal changes that occurred in 2020, from wearing masks to working from home, the eye area has been of particular concern for many of our patients. Here, we discuss some of the great ways to refresh tired-looking eyes.

Waking up tired-looking eyes need not be a hassle. Several strategies have demonstrated a high success rate. Rejuvenating eye treatments include:

  • You may know Botox as the magic frown-line eraser that has been around for decades. In its time as a frown-line treatment, Botox has also demonstrated the ability to reduce other dynamic wrinkles, including crow’s feet and horizontal forehead lines.
  • Botox Brow Lift. Sometimes, it isn’t the eyelids that are making the face look older but the muscles over the eyes and on the forehead. There are several sets of muscles here. Some contract upwards, some downwards. Persistent contraction of the muscles that pull down can alter the position of the brow line. With a few injections, the height of the brow can be lifted to a more youthful line.
  • Dermal fillers. Where Botox is often used above the eyes, where muscle use is the most prevalent, dermal fillers are used beneath the eyes. Here, age depletes the skin of firmness and elasticity. The undereye area is also filled out with fatty tissue that, over time, decreases. Dermal filler injections can correct problems like undereye bags and dark circles without the need for downtime.
  • Energy-based skin-tightening. As powerful as injectables are for restoring a youthful appearance, they don’t always fill in the teeny tiny lines that age the eyes. Treatments like RF microneedling deliver controlled radiofrequency energy beneath the skin, where it can make a bigger impact. RF microneedling works by stimulating collagen and elastin to slow the progression of cosmetic aging.

It may be impossible to avoid cosmetic aging, but it’s not impossible to feel great at any age. Contact us at 484-322-5316 to schedule your visit to our King of Prussia or Bryn Mawr office.

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