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Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) Photofacial

What Is A Photofacial IPL?

Photorejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light (also called “IPL” or Photofacial) involves a series of full face, gentle light-based treatments. Using PhotoFacial, we can dramatically improve the look of sun-damaged skin, brown spots, pigmented lesions, superficial facial vessels, and even-out the skin tone with minimal redness and downtime.

These treatments are also therapeutic for patients with the persistent redness and flushing of rosacea and other skin conditions. This treatment is non-invasive, safe and gentle with little-to-no downtime. The result from just one PhotoFacial treatment is more evenly pigmented, healthier and younger-appearing skin. The total number of treatments is somewhat variable, and depends on the nature of the condition. However, most people require three to five treatments for optimal results.

Who is a good candidate for an IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacials at Lux Skin Lasers are best for addressing pigmentation issues. So, if you have blotchy, sun-damaged skin with lots of freckles, IPL Photofacials are an effective treatment. They also shrink large pores, remove broken capillaries, and lessen fine lines and wrinkles. Rosacea responds well to IPL treatments.

IPL Photofacials are not effective for darker skin tones or deeply tanned skin, as the IPL wavelengths cannot differentiate between the age spots/pigmentation problems and the rest of the skin. 

If you’re using Retin-A, doxycycline, or other medications, they will have to be stopped for one week prior to your Photofacial.

What Is IPL Therapy Used to Treat?

  • Age Spots: Pigmented spots and freckles appear over time due to age and sun exposure. IPL treatments can effectively decrease pigment leaving a more even colored complexion. The face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs, can all be treated.
  • Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Pores: Photofacial treatments offer the opportunity to refine your appearance possibly making your skin look and feel more healthy and attractive. The light delivered by IPL will gently heat up the upper layers of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas can stimulate your skin cells to generate new collagen. This can reduce fine wrinkles and pores and result in smoother, vibrant skin.
  • Rosacea/Facial Vessels: The IPL can safely and effectively reduce unsightly facial veins or capillaries and facial redness through a series of photofacial treatments.
  • Acne: The Photofacial treatment creates heat at a level strong enough to treat acne bacteria. Photofacial acne treatment does not cause skin or other tissue damage. Since no harm is done to the surrounding tissue, there can be minimal pain and redness after the procedure.
  • Leg Veins: We use the Cynosure Icon laser to remove spider veins on the legs. The laser wavelength is set to the color of the purple, red, or blue spider vein. The blood in the vein attracts the laser energy, which converts to heat. That heat damages the walls of the spider vein, constricting and closing it off. The vein is instantly far less noticeable, and it is eventually fully absorbed by the body.
  • Laser Hair Removal: With the Cynosure Icon IPL, laser hair reduction can be performed on all skin colors and most hair types, and provides hair reduction. Treatment areas include face, lip, underarms, arms, chest, back, bikini area, and legs. Our laser hair reduction treatments are priced per area and multiple sessions are recommended for optimal results.

How long does an IPL Photofacial take?

Our IPL Photofacials take from between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the areas and specific conditions we are treating.

How many IPL Photofacials will I need?

The frequency of IPL Photofacials at Lux Skin Lasers varies with our patients, as they have different goals for these treatments. We’ve found that a series of initial Photofacials will deliver a higher level of skin improvement, but how many treatments you seek is up to you. A single IPL Photofacial will deliver noticeable improvements, but many of our patients from King of Prussia and the surrounding areas have from 3-5 Photofacials to actively address their skin issues. From there, they have a Photofacial once or twice yearly as maintenance, as this continues the boost in collagen production.

How long will my results from my IPL Therapy last?

As mentioned above, IPL Photofacials are most effective for treating pigmentation issues, everything from age spots to rosacea. The IPL energy also is the best way to close off broken capillaries on the face.

The changes in your pigmentation problems and blood vessels are permanent. After the IPL energy breaks down the melanin in your sun spots and closes off those small surface blood vessels, your body removes them as waste products. Whether you develop more sun spots and broken surface blood vessels is dependent upon your sun exposure moving forward. More sun exposure will create more sun spots and areas of blotchy pigmentation. But if you take good care of your skin and protect it from the sun, your skin will continue to look good for the long term.

How Much Do IPL Treatments Cost?

Face Rejuvenation
Face Rejuvenation [Package of 4]
Ageless Hand Treatment
Neck Treatment
Chest Treatment
Laser Hair Reduction
Priced per area. Call for pricing.
Priced per area. Call for pricing.

Are IPL Treatments painful?

Before we begin, we provide you with protective eyewear and we apply cooling gel to the treatment areas. This has a dual benefit. First, it keeps your surface skin cool and protected. Second, it acts as a lubricant for the IPL handpiece as it is moved across your skin. When the IPL is pulsed, you can feel it. Our patients equate the feeling as akin to the snapping of a small rubber band on your skin. The number of pulses you receive will depend on the size of the area being treated. The overall sensation is not painful.

Is there anything I need to do after I have an IPL Treatment?

After an IPL treatment your skin will be unprotected against sun exposure. That’s because the IPL energy encourages exfoliation of some of the outer layer of dead cells that provides some sun protection. You’ll need to stay out of the sun for several days, and then be sure to use plenty of sunscreen for the next two weeks. It’s really a good policy regardless. After all, those age spots and other pigmentation issues you just had treated were all thanks to the sun’s UV rays. 

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